Cubic skin for IPB 3.4.X

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Cubic is an awesome and simplistic theme for IP.Board. It comes with style settings so you can easily modify the skin without touching any code. It also comes with the AD styler so you and your members can modify the look and feel of the skin. You can also add preset skins easily. Some features include the ability to have a text based logo, fixed and fluid width, disable/enable AD styler, easy color and background image changer, and more.
Current version: 1.0

Jun 19, 2013 | 3.4.5.a
The product has been updated to 3.4.5.

Feb 11, 2013 | 1.0.2
We noticed a couple minor issues, so we patched them quickly. One was the AD styler positioning, another was the footer CSS was a bit messed up for those that showed their license owner name, minor CSS tweaks, AD Styler background images were off, and a couple other things. Redownload from your customer area, both images and the skin templates have been modified. --Updated IPB suite to latest versions, board to 3.4.2 --Minor CSS tweaks --Added a minecraft preset pack

Skin Overview

  • Name: Cubic
  • Type: Skin
  • Category: IPB

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Nothing extra - just the product - you have to Install and Customize it yourself.

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You can have the expert team at Audentio install the theme or skin for you!

Cubic + Customization

Work directly with a designer in making this product match your precise needs. Get one full hour of one-on-one time.
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