Mascot Design

Mascot design or character design can really help market a product, a website, a name, and much more. What we do is design a character that will be friendly and relate back to what you are trying to market.

With your character design, you will get:

  • Many drawings to choose which version you want designed
  • A vector format of the character
  • File formats included such as .TIF, .BMP, .JPG, and anything else needed
  • Ready to be used on a business card, website, billboard, pen, or any merchandise or media

Some of our work

  • Astronaut Mascot
  • Robot mascot
  • Monster Mascot
  • Chili Pepper Mascot
  • Human Mascot
  • Chef Mascot
  • Police Mascot
  • Droid Mascot
  • Human Mascot