Brand Identity & Custom Logo Design

One of the key parts to any business, product, service, name, etc. is the custom logo or branding. It is what people immediately notice and what they remember. Many people repair sinks, but give yourself an image that people will recognize you by and they will remember you much easier. Your logo or branding is like a symbol that stands for everything you are.

What we do is create that symbol to match who and what you stand for. We have years of experience in custom vector design and illustration, and with a few chats with you, we will be able to bring all of your traits, ideas, expressions, and what you focus on into one symbol that you will be able to use on business cards, fliers, your website, your labels, absolutely anything and anywhere you want to.

With your custom logo design, you will get:

  • Many drawings to choose which version you want designed
  • A vector format of the design
  • File formats included such as .TIF, .BMP, .JPG, and anything else needed
  • Ready to be used on a business card, website, billboard, pen, or any merchandise or media

Some of our work

  • Village of Roscoe
  • Becker Dental
  • xClaim!
  • SunTree Media
  • Mark Lundholm Comedian
  • VolumeCheck Musician Services
  • Internet Zarada Forum
  • Harlem District 122 100 Year Anniversary
  • ImperialBB
  • RNI Landscaping
  • MyBB Community Forum Software
  • Kohl's Credit Competition