All of the following testimonials are submitted by real clients that we have had in the past. We are very appreciative that they could share their experience with us.

  • Jason M., USA

    WTF.com , Owner

    While entertaining options for a new updated style for WTF.com (we typically do something new every 12-18 months), we looked at several talented people we thought could fit the bill. Ultimately, after speaking with Mike at Audentio.com, and discussing some of the positive aspects of his Dark Drift style (which I had been testing with color alterations) he put me at immediate ease and showed enthusiasm and excitement for the project.

    I immediately got together with him on our specific needs and he quickly came up with a terrific concept for a hybrid using several elements of Dark Drift, and throwing together a custom header and footer to help wrap it up. Well let me tell you, he exceeded all expectations and he was a pleasure to communicate with throughout the process. He showed patience and understanding if any idea didn't flesh out once entering the visual realm, and his attention to detail and timely bug fixes were sincerely appreciated. Mike's pricing has shown to be very reasonable, and his timeframe for delivery has been among the shortest in recent memory.

    I would not hesitate to do business with Mike and Audentio.com again...

  • Felicia Moore, USA

    familialramblings.com, Owner

    I came across Audentio Design when I was looking for an affordable custom theme for my forum. They worked with me on the budget I had and did a fantastic job with the theme. I have gotten nothing but praise from my members on the theme and wouldn't hesitate to order another one from Audentio. The staff is always more than willing to help in any way that they can. They're amazing and I would recommend Audentio to anyone.

  • John Mondt, USA

    justpassingby.me, Owner

    Audentio Design was very professional through out the process of me purchasing a theme. Their design is top notch and has really given my forum a trendy new look that is hard to come by these days. With so many forums out there it is hard to be unique, but with their design I have accomplished that. Thanks again!

  • Tony L. Lamia, USA

    greatpoliticalideas.com & greatideaspublisher.com , Owner

    It is very unusual to find an individual who actually does what he says he can do and who does it extremely well and in a timely manner. Mike is one such person. He is a self-starter who completed the job for me without my having to push him to do so.

    One more point is that Mike responds in a timely manner to my requests for support on managing the websites.

  • Eric Ridenour, USA

    bigezworld.com, Owner

    I found Audentio in 2009 when I did the relaunch of my website. I found their site by accident and boy I am glad I did. Their designs are slick and not outdated like those other designers, the service is quick, helpful, and they are willing to not only pull you out of a jam but also willing to teach you on what you did wrong. What more can I say, Audentio rocks and they have a life time customer.

  • Davor Tomasevic, Croatia

    moreska.hr, Project Leader

    Audentio did a great job! They walked us through the process and helped us each step of the way. The success of the web site has been beyond our expectations. We receive compliments daily from people who visit the site. We couldn't ask for a better design. You should definitely consider Audentio if you are planning on building a website.

  • Genjuro Kibagami, USA

    post-apoc.com, Owner

    I am very pleased with the final product. Mike and the team are professional, polite and make the process as fluid as possible. They're great listeners and are able to take your ideas and bring them to life. I appreciate their service and wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

  • Sam Lowe, UK

    theimarket.in, Owner

    I found this site on Google and I am overall glad. The themes are amazing, support is amazing and Audentio Design are amazing. I couldn't find a better website selling designs like this. Since the launch of my new forum, the design I purchased was in great shape and gave me lots of potential to succeed. Plus, it was cheap and I managed to grab the download straight after my purchase and I didn't have to hang around. Keep up the amazing work Audentio Design!

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